"In DecisionWise's organizational development practice, I work with hundreds of the world's leading executives each year. That's why I recognize Mariann McDonagh as a rare breed of leader. Mariann sets clear and decisive goals, motivates and coaches her teams to deliver and recognizes their achievements when they succeed. She has an innate understanding of what makes people "tick" and how to get them to perform at their best. Mariann's authentic style cuts through politics and bureaucracy to get to the heart of lagging results and re-energize the culture for growth and success."

Tracy Maylett
President of DecisionWise

"Mariann led inContact's acquisition of Uptivity in 2014. During the three years we worked together, I saw Mariann as an extraordinary leader who had power to cast a strategic market vision and make it a reality. Mariann's impact was felt well beyond marketing and product and she enhanced and improved virtually every area of the business that she touched."

Jeff Canter
Former CEO of Uptivity


"I've had the pleasure of working with Mariann for a number of years. Her skills as a corporate spokesperson and thought leader are remarkable, and she is able to captivate an audience - whether virtual or live - with a compelling combination of intellect, humor and advice for business transformation. Mariann is a real asset to the contact center marketplace."

David Hadobas
President and CEO, CCNG International Inc.


"Groupthink is a phenomenon that can often be seen in companies, in which the desire for harmony or conformity can result in dysfunctional decision-making. Getting an outside-in perspective is something leaders often understand is important but are challenged in executing. My work with Mariann  in her role as CMO often centered on just that – bringing a broader industry view to not just executives but the entire product marketing and management teams."

Sheila McGee-Smith
McGee-Smith Analytics, L.L.C.